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Cozy Luxury Bathrobe

Perfect for chilly mornings, cozy evenings or to comfort a friend.
This luxuriously soft Bamboni Robe is the ultimate lounging accessory. The cloud-like fabric is made from bamboo fibers that are converted to rayon to create a soft, fluffy and breathable bathrobe that is sure to bring warmth and comfort



  • Adjustable waist, fits sizes Small/Medium 
  • Overall (neck to hem) 42”
  • Chest: 40"
  • Shoulder to shoulder: 22"
  • Sleeve: 34" (center back to wrist)
  • Shoulder to wrist: 21"
  • Belt length: 92"

Large/Extra Large:

  • Adjustable waist, fits sizes Large/Extra large
  • Overall (neck to hem) 48"
  • Chest: 47"
  • Shoulder to shoulder: 24”
  • Sleeve: 34" (center back to wrist)
  • Shoulder to wrist: 23"
  • Belt length: 92"

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