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Dirt Roads to Downtown

Makes an amazing gift!

From Adams to Williams County, and the other 51 counties in between, Mark Fox spent five years traveling and photographing his home state of North Dakota. Through this journey he made many connections. Connections to the "locals." Connections to new places unknown to most. Connections to wild animals and nature as whole. He captured small town events. Found oddities along the open highway. Discovered beauty in the old, that at one time was brand new. This book is a fraction of the photos he took, yet the chosen ones he felt tell each counties' story the best. What began as a labor of love and an homage to the land of his birth slowly began to evolve into the idea for Dirt Roads To Downtown. Even if you are not from North Dakota, immersing yourself in it by way of this book, will make you want to visit each quaint and quirky county, grounded in the good of the people who live in them.

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